Barbed wire


    The Company has installed three manufacturing units of barbed wires two at Kurukshetra and one at Hisar to meet the requirement of Forest Department. Each unit produces about 600 Kg. Barbed wire in two shifts of eight hours intervals. The price of Barbed Wire depends upon the cost of raw material at the time of purchase by the Company. Government of Haryana has declared the Haryana Forest Development Corporation Limited as approved source for supply of Barbed wire.

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    Manufacture and Supply of Barbed wire during 2022-23 is given as under:
    Name of Region Stock Balance as on
    01.04.2022 (Qtls)
    Manufactured (Qtls) Total Supply
    Quantity (Qtls)
    Balance (Qtls)
    Hisar 16 1378 1394 622 772
    TOTAL 16 1378 1394 622 772