The Company has been undertaking the activities which are enshrined in the Memorandum of Association and additional activities as assigned by the State Government from time to time. Tree felling and wood extraction from Government forests earmarked to the Company, development of forests and raising of plantations are the major activities of the Company. Besides, the conventional activities the Company has diversified it’s activities within and outside Haryana state such as:

    1. Government of Haryana has declared HFDC as approved source for round and sawn materials of various timber, wooden furniture, firewood and crates.
    2. Wooden furniture is being manufactured at Ambala, Kurukshetra and Gurugram and being supplied to various Government and non Government agencies.
    3. Government of Haryana has also declared HFDC as approved source for supply of barbed wire. The Company has three units for manufacturing of barbed wire, nursery bags and woven bags at Kurukshetra and Hisar and Masani Barrage (Rewari).
    4. The Company has supplied the nursery bags and barbed wire mainly to the Forest Department for raising of seedlings and plantations.
    5. Wooden crates have been supplied to various Government agencies such as Food & Supplies Department, Haryana Warehousing Corporation, CONFED, HAFED and Haryana Agro Industries Corporation.
    6. Various projects like arboriculture, landscaping and plantations have been executed for Ministry of Defence, Northern Railway, NHAI, NBCC and Delhi Forest Department.