Main Objectives

    The main objectives of the Company as per Memorandum and Articles of Association are as under:

    1. To assure reasonable prices to the farmers for their standing trees and other forest produce.

      As regards providing reasonable prices to farmers for their standing trees, such occasions have been rare and far-few. This is because the trees are perennial and there is no compulsion for the farmers to cut them on season basis. Even if the market fluctuates, there is time for the farmer to wait for improvement of market. Moreover, the open market even when at low – normally affords better rates compared to purchase rates of this corporation.

    2. To generate employment opportunities in rural areas.

      The main activity of HFDC is to fell trees that are handed over by the Forest Department. Occasionally, the corporation also fell trees in panchayat land and land of other government departments. This activity is largely manual and the labour engaged is paid on basis of statutory daily wage.

    3. To increase financial status of farming and labour community.

      The contribution is limited to generation of man-days of daily wage work of tree felling.

    4. Tree felling and wood extraction from Government forests earmarked to the Haryana Forest Development Corporation Limited, development of forests and raising plantations.

      This is now the main activity of the Haryana Forest Development Corporation. Till year 1996, the trees standing on forest land, when due for felling, were felled by the Forest Department itself. Then, this corporation was struggling for sustenance. Thereafter, the Forest Department started sharing the work of tree felling with HFDC. Gradually, this work kept on expanding and by year 2018, the Forest Department and HFDC were doing the tree felling activity almost equally. In year 2018, the Government took decision to transfer all logging and allied activities to the Haryana Forest Development Corporation. Consequently, now this corporation is engaged in following main activities –

      1. Logging of Trees from Forest Areas and selling of the forest produce from sale depots
      2. Manufacturing of Barbed wire for use by forest department to protect plantations from grazing and damage
      3. Manufacturing of poly bags for use by forest department to raise saplings for plantations
      4. Manufacturing of furniture:

        The corporation has five saw mills located at Chandimandir, Jagadhri, Kurukshetra, Karnal and Rewari. The furniture made in the sawmills is generally on orders placed by the government departments for use in offices, classrooms of schools & colleges, rest houses, hospitals etc.

        The government organizations have largely remained our purchasers because the price of furniture remain higher than open market for following reasons –

        • Assured quality of wood and plywood/board
        • 100% billing and taxes paid on 100% of the sold product